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Excellent and fast. The phone was in contract and AT&T would not unlock it. Another service tried for 7 days and gave up. iUnlocker did it in 24 hours :) Awesome service. Highly recommended.

  Your name 12.01.2015 Order AT&T(United States) - NOT BLACKLIST 60% RATE

I highly commend iUnlocker for the smart service they provide to unlock iPhones.

I recommend their services to anyone who needs to unlock an iPhone.
They are quick, cheap and highly responsive professionals

  Your name 12.01.2015 Order AT&T(United States) - NOT BLACKLIST 60% RATE

Very good

Excelent service

good price and fast service

  Your name 12.01.2015 Order Telus(Canada) - CLEAN IMEI

Its Great and Trusted Service
and Great person Mike
I thank him very much

  Your name 12.01.2015 Order Telenor(Norway) - NOT BLACKLIST

Thanks for very quickly unlocked my iPhone this is very good service Regards

  Angel 12.01.2015 Order Orange(France) - NOT BLACKLIST

Thanks to IUNLOCKER ! Fast, cheap service and good communication ! Happy !

  Mike 12.01.2015 Order Telenor(Norway) - NOT BLACKLIST

good service and very fast unlocking. Thank un

  iwanbre 12.01.2015 Order Hutchison(Sweden)

In the beginning I worked only checks unlock the phone and I have to mention that they are very accurate and complete naturally free, then I looked at my two riyik unlocked iPhone and everything was fine and very fast so that when it comes to me ever




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